Why Do Women Cheat on Good Men

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 Why do women cheat on good men?

Why do women cheat on their husbandsYou have done your best to treat your wife with respect and do what you felt your duties were to her as a husband, but she still cheated on you. Now you are left picking up the pieces trying to understand why do women cheat on good men? That question is complicated. Every individual relationship experiences its own set of trials and the outcome of those trials is defined by how you handle them and the bond you have with your partner. Women on the other hand, have requirements and if you fail to meet these requirements you may likely experience an affair.

Women require strength

The last thing she wants is to provide for you both financially and emotionally without getting anything in return. Even if she earns more money than you it is still your place to be there for her emotionally. Financial freedom from a woman’s point of view is important. The reason why women cheat on good men comes down to fulfillment and the type of person they are.

Women need Attention

Attention and love are very important to women. Men require attention as well but in different forms. If a woman feels neglected because you spend too much time working or if you don’t make her feel special then an affair might be on the horizon. If she fails to get what she needs from you she will seek it out somewhere else. Plain and simple. Good men don’t equal good sex women cheat for sexual satisfaction as well. Have you slacked off at the gym and quit looking after your appearance? Chances are she finds you less attractive and might not even want to have sex with you anymore.

This is particularly dangerous if you are in a young marriage. Women who look and feel good about themselves generally expect the same from the mate, and when they fail to meet the standards men can become victims of an affair. In general, women who cheat on good men require a little extra to keep their loyalty in one spot. If they aren’t happy they will seek happiness elsewhere. Although, not all women cheat because of dissatisfaction, these women take it upon themselves to get excitement outside the marriage instead of working to improve on it. This is no fault of the man. Work on your communication to have a happy marriage free from infidelity.

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