Do Men Or Women Cheat More

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Do men or women cheat moreDo Men Or Women Cheat More

Every year the rate of infidelity increases. The United States has one of the highest divorce rates of any other developed nation, which leads many to ask the question, ‘Do men or women cheat more?’ This question, although not significant to a relationship, does invoke certain beliefs and emotions in both sexes. Women are staunch believers that men cheat more and are in general, prone to infidelity. However, that belief is based on information they have either learned throughout life or through their experiences. But what percentage of men cheat and what percentage of women cheat? And what is the difference?

Countless studies have been conducted to prove which sex cheats more, and most of them come up with nearly the same results. The question is obviously based on several factors like, how many partnerships one has had, how often they stay in the relationship, and what causes them to cheat in the first place. However, the results are in from some of the best research labs in the country and they might shock you.

Studies show that nearly 21% of men cheat on their spouses. Compare that number with the rate that women cheat, 17%, and you have the result of who cheats more. It seems as though men are still the bigger cheaters when it comes to relationships. However, that gap is narrowing and since 2010 it has jumped significantly for women.

Men cheat more in a relationship but women are cheating more often than ever before. The trend does not seem to be decreasing in the slightest, and experts agree there are several factors contributing to the rising amount of female cheaters in the US.
What causes women to cheat may be different from what causes a man to cheat. However, with financial independence and more women working outside the home it has become common place for women to cheat.They feel somewhat entitled to the excitement of having an extramarital affair and they show little shame when doing so.

Both men and women can, and do cheat on their partners but the reasons may differ. A lack of excitement, a crave for attention or an Ego boast might encourage women to cheat while men partake of the forbidden fruit for lust, power, and bragging rights. However, men cheat more than women.

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