Why Do Women Cheat

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Why Do Women Cheat?

Why do women cheatEveryone has heard a story of a woman cheating on a good man. Whether they were together for quite some time without any issues or if she simply is known as a cheater, there has to be a reason that drives women to cheat. In reality, most men never find out why women cheat or what happened to cause them to be a victim of this terrible situation. What men don’t realize, however, is that there are both scientific and psychological reasons that women cheat. For example, many women have trust issues that cause them to cheat, other women become a victim of their own past and simply find themselves in an endless cycle of relationships.

When it comes to infidelity, women may have other reasons for doing it then men. Most men cheat because they crave power or are sexually attracted to a woman and fail to control themselves.  Whereas, women on the other hand, choose to cheat because they need to fill an emotional void. Research suggests that out of 100 women that have cheated only 34% stated they were happy in the marriage while men in the same category had a percentage of 54%. In other words, women who cheat, do so because they feel lonely, unattractive and are seeking a spark.

Men have a tendency to stay happy in their marriage even during an affair. Their need for sexual attention does not affect their love for their partner. Men claim to stay with their wives because they get the emotional connection, but lack the physical connection. Women cheat based off their needs for adventure and to feel wanted. Obviously, this is an issue that stems from the basics of the relationship. If a women doesn’t get what she needs from her husband she will seek other outlets to do so.

Why women cheat is different from the reasons men do, but the results are the same. Cheating leads to a relationship breakdown and often the destruction of two lives. Although it doesn’t have to be the end of a person’s life it can cause them to think in that direction.

Why Do Women Cheat?Why do women cheat

You’re crushed, you have no idea what caused this terrible circumstance you find yourself in. How could this happen? Everything was going so great, you loved her and you thought she loved you. Alas, she found herself in the arms of another man. If you have experienced this same situation you no doubt still scratch your head wondering what happened. Men have a tendency to ignore any issues in their relationship. They feel like if she doesn’t complain everything must be going well. This is a terrible way to handle a relationship. Women require much more emotionally than what men assume, and if they don’t get it they will find it somewhere else.

To answer the question, why do women cheat?  You have to start by finding out what went wrong in the relationship. Did you and your significant other fight constantly? Did you find it hard to connect with one another on a deeper level? Were your conversations limited to discussing the weather or local news? While this may not seem like a big deal to you, chances are she saw this as a seriously flawed relationship.

When a woman marries a man she wants to make things work for the long-term. She sees divorce as a failure on her part, a guilt that she doesn’t want to bear. Instead of filing for the big D word, she finds other ways to bear the misery of being in a relationship with you. Her attention wanders to other outlets that are just as feasible for making her happy. One of these outlets is an affair. Her passion for the new man may be enough to make your relationship together more bearable, thus eliminating the need to break up with you.
So when you ask yourself, why do women cheat, you have to first ask what when wrong and if there were warning signs in advance. Their likely were, you were just too busy thinking everything was fine to notice. You didn’t give her what she wanted and instead of asking her to make sure things were going well you pushed ahead as if it were normal to have no passion in your relationship.

If you want to avoid this exact scenario, then you have to be more willing to communicate with your girlfriend or wife. Don’t find yourself asking why do women cheat? Instead, prevent it from happening in the first place.

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